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Your complete satisfaction is my focus. The following testimonials are from YELP.

Nicole B

Five Star Review

I have crazy thick hair...it has been handed down from my female ancestors :) We call it horse hair. I have been to a few salons in the area and heard about the salon from a friend. I got my hair cut by Hayley. She was great. I asked her for a super drastic short cut, but wasn't really committed to super short hair. She suggested an angular cut that looked very modern (I had been wearing my hair in a horse ponytail for months). Hayley was so sweet and I can't recommend her enough. She is super talented and professional. Get a haircut from Hayley and you will look fantastic!

Cody W

Five Star Review

My boyfriend and I were in San Diego for a wedding this weekend and we both desperately needed haircuts. I had visited Hayley at her former salon plus once at Salon Soule for a Brazilian Blowout and really only felt comfortable going to her this time around (in fact, I typically avoid going to expensive salons in San Francisco just so I can get my hair cut by her during my monthly trips). 

She was trained at the Paul Mitchell school and knows her stuff--starting from the amazing head massage during wash to trendy cutting techniques during cut, I fully entrusted my long (curly AND frizzy) hair to her. She's not like some stylists who push products and services on you like a sales person and she certainly makes you feel comfortable during the entire experience. I even ventured out from my norm and had her add some low-lights and semi-permanent color to my hair...I told her my biggest fear was that it would look unnatural and despite her own funky hair color, she made my dark, dull brown color shine with chestnut and hazel natural touches.

Honestly, compared to high end salons in San Francisco and La Jolla/Del Mar that I have tried, Hayley offers tremendous value and expertise for her relatively low prices. I received compliments at the wedding about my hair color from friends I haven't seen in years, which really made the whole trip and experience wonderful. 

Oh, forgot to mention that my boyfriend is Taiwanese and has really straight, difficult to style hair--she made his slight fro look faux hawk chic. Definitely schedule with Hayley if you're ever in the area.

Rachel S

Five Star Review

THANK GOD FOR HAYLEY at Salon Soule!! I got my hair done last week at a salon in Pacific Beach called Belli Capelli and came out with orange roots after I specifically told the girl I HATE brass tones, horrified I immediately looked for other hair salon deals and found Salon Soule's deal ($30 for $70 worth of treatment) on BloomSpot. I went in yesterday to have my hair fixed and not only did Hayley fix my hair, she only charged me in total $100 so after using the deal I only paid $30 for a brand new head of beautiful hair! 

I did purchase some products that she swore by since my hair is extremely damaged which upped the price by $70 but that was my choice. Anyways, I am so happy with my hair, the service and the great pricing. I went in the salon expecting it to be around at least 150$extra dollars to fix my HIDEOUS ORANGE HAIR but it wasn't. If you are picky about color and looking for someone who TRULY knows what they are doing, make an appointment at Salon Soule. They do not try to rip you off whatsoever, compared to a lot of these other places with salon deals. 

The location is easy to find and close to SDSU (luckily for me) but really the service is all that matters. The woman next to me was getting her hair color and cut as well and we both left so happy with our hair. Basically, I am a blonde and was put into Hayley's hands because she specializes in blondes and will be seeing her until further notice but I would trust my hair with any of the stylists as I was able to see their customers come and go while waiting for my color to settle. Great place, great service. Life Saver!!!!

Mick W

Five Star Review

Hayley is an awesome stylist!!  Being a guy I am used to cutting my own hair, but now I look forward to getting my hair cut every three to four weeks.  She does a really good job. I even brought in a buddy who had never been to a stylist... when he moves to San Diego, he said he is going every time I do....

Kim P

Five Star Review

I  just followed my stylist, Hayley, to a really cute salon in Point Loma.  For those of you out there that are picky about their hair like me - traveling for perfect hair is no big deal and I would follow Hayley anywhere!  She has always done a fantastic job on my hair.  When I go in she helps me decide what services I need - cut, color, hilites, lowlites, a new style, or just a trim.  She actually listens to what I want.  I always come out with a great style that rocks.  She is so talented with blond that most people think my color is natural!  I have been coloring and highlighting for a long time and my hair is in better shape than it's ever been.  The products she recommends, and uses in the salon, smell wonderful and WORK (which means they never wind up in my cabinet at home unused).  The scalp massage you get with a shampoo is to die for.  Added bonus - she is running specials on YELP so I even saved money - score!
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